Welcome to bibby and boppy

Welcome to bibby and boppy

a world full of unusual and original gifts for families

We create beautiful bespoke products and prints, tailored to your family. We are a creative studio offering our customers something unique and deeply meaningful. Taking your childrens art and turning it into beautiful art and products. If you're looking for something extra special... come on in! 


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Bibby and Boppy
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I'm Jo - Mummy, Designer and Owner of bibby and boppy.

I want to say hi and let you know I get it. I get you're a busy Mum with kids - because I'm in the same boat right next to you.

I get that you totally adore your children and are wildly proud of everything they do (well... almost everything!)

Buuuut... I also get you're probably just a teensy bit fed up with curled up pieces of 'art' stuck to every available surface in your kitchen. Am I right?

Like me, I'm sure you have really fond memories of your 'single-girl' flat full of beautiful artwork and white sofas. (Just give yourself a minute to go back there in your mind and enjoy it!)

Now wouldn't you love to bring that vibe into your family home but also keep that gorgeous personal touch your children's art adds to the walls?

I know you want to actively encourage them to be creative and artistic and of course secretly (or not so secretly!) show off their talent to your friends.

bibby and boppy can help you combine your children's artistic talent with your desire for a beautiful home. Your happy. They're happy. We're happy.

All my products are designed around Family life, for Families. Creating special and unique gifts has become my passion.

Please make yourself at home and take a few minutes to have a look around our shop and of course any questions you have please just drop me a note.