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The Birth of My Masterpiece

Birth of my Masterpiece

I’d had enough of my kitchen walls being covered in scraps of recycled paper and my kitchen units were resembling an exhibit at the Tate Modern! Don’t get me wrong, I’m fiercely proud of the scribbles and splodges – but I cant deny I think it just all looks a bit of a mess. It…

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The Morning Chaos

Morning Chaos

Is it just me!? As the alarm goes off I lay still knowing that as soon as I make a move, they will be onto me – demanding anything that comes into their minds! I should probably be delighted at the sight of my little darlings face’s but I just know – the chaos is…

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Our Sunday Roast – Expectations vs. Reality

Sunday Roast Expectations

I woke this morning with my usual ‘rose tinted glasses’ firmly in place! The thought of a lovely family Sunday, filled me with contentment. I’d cook Sunday lunch, we would all sit round the table to eat Mummy’s delicious, nutritious, healthy roast… all home made right down to the Apple sauce! My mummy ora is…

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