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Boo’s Pampered Week

I’ve generally always used supermarket own brands for the boys. In fact, for me too! Now and again I’ve been given a gift of gorgeous shower gel or body cream. It’s lovely while it lasts, but I don’t really pamper myself with posh products. So when Joanne Brennan Lifestyle asked if I’d like to try…

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My mind games with food

Follow my blog with Bloglovin My first memory of being conscious of my weight, was after I’d been swimming one day age 6 – I was sat by the pool in my little pink costume without a care in the world enjoying a delicious choc ice when my ‘lovely’ uncle said “you can’t get that…

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Peppa Pig World – Our Day!

Billy is now five and a half, I honestly thought the Peppa and George obsession would be on the way out by now. Having an older brother he’s into various things he shouldn’t really be – like super hero movies, fighting, killing… horrid boy stuff. He also has the attitude of a teenager!! However deep…

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