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Off-roading at True Grip Kent

I’ve always fancied off-roading. When I bought my car last year they gave me an off roading experience, but it was way up North, family life was as busy as ever and I never made it there. Such a waste! Fast forward six months and I was delighted to receive a phone call from the…

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Motherhood and Mental Health

Motherhood and Mental Health. As if the two were not each a big enough deal on their own – what happens when you struggle with both at once? I’m Hattie. I’m a friend of Jo’s, and have been since we were both pregnant and met in an NCT group twelve years ago. If I’m brutally…

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Glamping in the Kent country side

Gooseberry Field Glamping.  I’ve wanted to go glamping since… forever! I’m not a camper, I love the romantic idea of it – the nature, the simplicity, the remoteness. However, like many of us, I just can’t deal with giving up my home comforts. I mean, what’s fun about lying on the floor for the night, …

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The Bombay distillery

Gin! I’m not the biggest fan, I’m more of a bubbles kind of girl. But Mr H is a huge fan – so a gin tour seemed the perfect idea for our anniversary celebrations. It’s alcohol after all, I was sure I’d enjoy it.  The Bombay distillery has always been on our ‘get away from…

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Introducing Daddy Daycare

‘Is it meant to be that colour? It looks wrong to me?’ this was the question that presented itself to me, whilst changing the dirty bottom of my gorgeous 20 month old little girl. Believe me, changing a toddlers nappy – that looks like a weak Korma with poo up her back, poo on the…

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