about us

Jo and Family

Hi I'm Jo!

I’m crazy about memory making, capturing the moment through my lens and loving life with all my heart.

bibby and boppy was born from my passion for Photography, Interiors (on the rare occasion that the house is tidy) and my very crazy children - who also drive me crazy!

I live in Kent in the UK, with my two boys and hubby, photographing, enjoying and framing every magical moment I possibly can!


Meet bibby and boppy - otherwise known as Billy and Tommy!

It’s thanks to my boys that this creative business was born. I began to photograph and frame their work purely for myself (and as a keepsake for them). And my friends loved the idea!

It got me thinking that if friends liked this idea then maybe others would too - and so bibby and boppy was born.

I like things in my home to look lovely (as I'm sure you do too!) so why should that be any different when it comes to our children’s precious creations?

I wanted to bring the products I enjoy so much in my own life to other Mums and families and I’m thrilled to now be able to offer this all to you.

Bibby and Boppy