My top ten tips for travelling with kids

Traveling with kids? Here are my top 10 tips… If being a mum doesn’t qualify us to give tips then I don’t know what does!? Please add your travel tips in the comment section below… I’d love to hear from you 😘 Don’t stress, forgot it?… buy it there!   My husband’s favourite holiday line…

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Glamping in the Kent country side

Gooseberry Field Glamping.  I’ve wanted to go glamping since… forever! I’m not a camper, I love the romantic idea of it – the nature, the simplicity, the remoteness. However, like many of us, I just can’t deal with giving up my home comforts. I mean, what’s fun about lying on the floor for the night, …

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The Bombay distillery

Gin! I’m not the biggest fan, I’m more of a bubbles kind of girl. But Mr H is a huge fan – so a gin tour seemed the perfect idea for our anniversary celebrations. It’s alcohol after all, I was sure I’d enjoy it.  The Bombay distillery has always been on our ‘get away from…

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