My fab new find from The Kind Planet Company – Power Balm.

Recently I purchased a little pot of power from The Kind Planet Company. I quickly learnt that their Power Balm is truly incredible. Its Main ingredient is Red Palm Oil from the jungles of west Africa.

However the balm is created here in our beloved county of Kent. 

When I heard it was made from Palm Oil I was rather concerned, due to the bad press its had in recent months. However this is VERY different. It couldn’t be more of a contrast to the evil press that Asian palm oil is getting – It’s incredibly destructive to nature and our planet.

Organic RED PALM oil is super sustainable, kind to the planet and has been used in West Africa for thousands of years. It has huge amounts of vitamin A & E too. Sounds good, now I was interested. 


The Balm contains ‘Super Ingredients’ 

  • Red Palm
  • Shea Butter
  • Rosehip
  • Hemp
  • Jojoba
  • Mandarin
  • Frankincense 
  • Lavender

Plus its Vegan – containing NO BEESWAX.

The Kind Planet Company also boast that 5% of sales or invested back into plant and people power in West Africa – great to hear that they are passionate about the source. 

It has loads of uses too

  • Ultimate hydration
  • Tame brows, beards + hair
  • moisturise dry skin
  • intensive mask for hair and skin
  • nourish cuticles
  • sooth, moisturise and brighten tattoos
  • use as a lip balm 
  • and much more.

It all sounds great – so let’s give it a go. face cream

I waited for my little pot to arrive. I love the branding (i’m a sucker for nice branding and pretty packaging) I wasn’t sure what to expect really, Im cautious about by skin because its fairly greasy and I can be prone to spots if i’m not looking after myself properly. Greasy consistency products are usually a big no for my face. But this has so much goodness in it, I had to try. 

As I unscrewed the black glossy lid I revealed a rich, thick golden balm. It looked and smelt so delicious. I glanced at my dry arms and cautiously stuck a finger into the pot. The balm is thick but as I rubbed it across my fingertips it seemed to thin out with ease, almost like a melting sensation. As I rubbed it into my forearm, Instantly my skin looked 100 times better – honestly – I was pleasantly surprised. The dryness disappeared and the skin looked bright and supple again. I took a little more and rubbed into my face. Considering its so thick, I wasn’t left with a greasy feeling and again my skin instantly looked better. You only need a tiny amount as it goes a long way. 

Im thrilled with my Power Balm – a great little ‘local’ find. A fabulous treat for my skin too. 

Their website has lots more info! 

follow them on insta too

PS. I’m not affiliated with this company – just a fab product I wanted to share with you all. x

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