My top ten tips for travelling with kids

Traveling with kids? Here are my top 10 tips…

If being a mum doesn’t qualify us to give tips then I don’t know what does!? Please add your travel tips in the comment section below… I’d love to hear from you 😘

Holiday tips for families

  1. Don’t stress, forgot it?… buy it there!   My husband’s favourite holiday line and his only contribution to the chaotic holiday preparations! As much as it irritates me as I have socks and underwear spilling from the jam packed bags – he’s right! These days a shop is never far away. Make an essential list ie. passports, money, medication etc. Then make your full list separately… it takes away the pressure! I ALWAYS write a list.
  2. Take mini stuff to keep them busy – I love collecting little bits to keep them busy but I end up spending a fortune. For the past couple of years I’ve been using Time Out Bags – they sell kids activity bags crammed full of soooo much stuff. When you order again they remember what you had in your last bag, ensuring that you get fresh exciting stuff every time. I sometimes add my own bits in the suitcase too, if I find something particularly interesting. This year Boo’s fav activity was mermaid foil art. It kept him busy for hours. I can’t stress enough the value of these bits and bobs – it’s your holiday too and gives you some quite time.  Visit Time Out Bags HERE
  3. Minimise the packing list – for us summer, poolside holidays consist of days in the water and evenings strolling to find a good restaurant. My boys put an outfit on for breakfast, 30 mins later throw it on the floor… to spend the rest of the day in swimwear. Therefore I DO NOT need a clean outfit for everyday. However I always count out one complete outfit for each day 🙄I’ve just returned from Spain with 3/4 clean clothes! Ridiculous!!
  4. Water colour set – this year I brought my travel water colour set, with a small (water colour) pad. It’s clean and easy to use. Initially I brought it along for me but the boys wanted to have a try. A couple of hours later they both had lovely pics to be proud of and felt they had produced something special. It was a really sweet activity – they didn’t squabble once. Winner I’d say 😜
  5. Travel Washing powder – for little stains that can’t wait until you get home. Also if you are limited on how much you can take wash clothes in the sink and hang to dry… fab little find, I couldn’t be without.
  6. Little lunch bag and zippy bags – Boo is fussy and I’m not prepared to pay stupid money for lunches to be wasted or told ‘I don’t like this’. Now I know this isn’t ‘the thing to do’ but I make a little cheese sandwich and pinch an apple at the brekkie buffet… easy lunch whenever his lordship fancies it! Obviously I don’t make lunch for all of us… that would be bad 😬  I also pop to the local supermarket for water, juice cartons, biscuits etc
  7. iPad! Yer,yer… I know we aren’t meant to be giving them too much screen time. But seriously … in this hectic, busy life as parents – an hour here and there being babysat by a tablet is good for both of us. You deserve a break  to recharge and they are being entertained solely without your input. I know lots will feel the need to disagree with me, but please… be kind to yourself! You deserve to switch off for a bit!
  8. Blanket – kids can find the lack of home comforts a bit stressful. I always bring a blanket from home for Boo. He likes the comfort of the familiar smell and being snuggly. It can help calm them and make them feel safe in a new bed.
  9. Boundaries have vanished – it can’t just be my kids? With a new environment comes absolutely no idea of where the boundaries are! Of course if you’ve got angel kids you’ll have no idea what I’m talking about. If however, they are completely bonkers then you’ll get it – read on! I wanted to put this in here because it’s worth considering if your kids play up initially on holiday. I try to quickly set some rules eg. Not allowed on balcony without an adult’ or ‘never leave me without telling me first where you’re going’ this way they know what’s expected of them. It’s holiday time so it’s prob the last thing you want to be doing – but could save stress along the way.
  10. Story time – I choose a book and find 15 minutes in the day to read to them together. It’s so lovely when there are no time restrictions and everyone’s chilled after a long day swimming. We read at home but I particularly enjoy  the chilled reading on hols. The lack of ‘to do’ list makes for a better reading experience 😉

Have a fab holiday!

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