Our Sunday Roast – Expectations vs. Reality

Sunday Roast Expectations

I woke this morning with my usual ‘rose tinted glasses’ firmly in place! The thought of a lovely family Sunday, filled me with contentment. I’d cook Sunday lunch, we would all sit round the table to eat Mummy’s delicious, nutritious, healthy roast… all home made right down to the Apple sauce!

My mummy ora is glowing with the thought of it.

The reality…


I spent three hours in the kitchen, trying to pack every ounce of flavour into a slimming world roast – so the little darlings don’t suspect a thing and eat it. Meantime, as I juggle 84 hot pans, Boo – age 4 – insists I watch his rendition of Annie (‘It’s a hard knock life’) while listening to the soundtrack at TOP VOLUME. I wouldn’t mind but he only knows one line!!! I daren’t look away as he is likely to seriously lose the plot.

Although I have to admit I’m on the brink myself.

“I can’t do this now Billy, these pans are very hot, Mummy is a bit busy!”

A melt down ensues! How dare I not give him my full attention.

Its ready and plated up. I survey the kitchen – what a bloody mess.

We sit down after lots of shouting up the stairs “Get down here now T, before it gets cold” then the usual interaction between siblings begins – “stop arguing” and “don’t hit your brother!”

“Do you want to go and sit on that naughty step!?” I ask. They both fall silent – phew, its still working.

Mr H is up and down getting drinks, the dinner is now luke warm! The gravy has got ‘bits’ in it… god forbid – it’s ONION, not poison!!!

The broccoli is too green and the beautifully tender meat is DRY!!!

Not forgetting the Apple sauce is “mushy”….(THATS HOW ITS MEANT TO BE!!!)

A tedious 45 minutes of insults, spillages, face pulling!

“I’m full”
“I don’t like it”
“He’s looking at me”

I’m exhausted, drained, quite frankly pee’d off… “Come on one more mouthful” is my last ditch attempt at regaining some kind of control… I give in!!!

I look round to survey the ‘empty’ plates.

Well guess what?!

Have they even BLOODY touched it?! It’s been beautifully rearranged and hidden under each other – I can assure you I didn’t ‘hide’ all the veg under slices of meat.

Oh and since when did Boo not eat carrots? He lived on them last week. Not forgetting the old classic – T’s not eaten for 6 hours but he’s a ‘bit FULL UP’

Arghhhhhhh!!!!! Why did I bother!?

Actually – I wouldn’t have it any other way, the noise, chaos, huge personalities… it’s crazy – but it’s ‘our’ crazy.

Same time next week? Of course.

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  1. Sarah Kershaw on March 26, 2018 at 9:56 pm

    yep, something similar happened in our house too!

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