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STYLE:   Happy, fun family photography

GOAL:  To capture the real you... your true family characteristics 

Welcome! I'm Jo, Mummy to two crazy boys, designer and photographer. I have a real passion for photographing families and adore recording the characters of children through my lens. As well as family photography I do weddings and have also photographed  some fabulous events too. My style of photography is to capture relaxed, happy images for you to treasure.  Beautiful natural shots are really important to me and ultimately thats what my clients love. As a mummy myself I understands how to work with your little people and believe that photographing them in their natural surroundings makes them most comfortable - resulting in happy, relaxed pictures. Located in Kent we have some stunning backdrops available to us - from seaside shoots to swing parks - wherever you and your's are comfortable is the best place to capture these happy moments. I really look forward to hearing from you.


Family Fun

£25 (1hour shoot )

The shoot will take place in a location that your family can enjoy like a local park or back garden. For the little people I always bring a few conversation starters such as cuddly toys or even action heroes... this usually breaks the ice and makes the children feel relaxed. Bubbles are a great way to make everyone smile - they are always in my bag! Theres absolutely no need to worry about how your children will behave... I have two boys of my own!!


The shoot fee is purely for my time on the day. After the session we will meet to go through all your lovely images allowing you to choose and purchase as many as you wish. They are priced at £20 each or £200 for all edited images on USB.


Products such as wall art and albums are priced as requested.


Wedding Bells


Package 1

Brides arrival at the wedding venue

The wedding service

Bride and groom, Family and friends Photos

3 Hour shoot in total




Package 2

Bridal party getting ready.

Dress and accessories

Special details

Brides arrival at the wedding venue

The wedding service

Bride and groom, Family and friends Photos

Max 5 Hour shoot in total




Package 3

Bridal party getting ready.

Dress and accessories

Special details

Brides arrival at the wedding venue

The wedding service

Bride and groom, Family and friends Photos

The Speeches

The First Dance

Video of the Speeches





I will create the perfect memory package for every couple. 

Use the contact form below to discuss your specific needs further. 


We can have a chat over the phone or even meet for coffee!


Business Photography

Business Boost

Two hour shoot at your business premises, capturing the business' personality.

Photos could include products, office/shop space, staff and Branding. 

Max 2 Hour shoot in total



For bespoke jobs please get in touch as quotes are available on request

"I've worked with various business' across kent. Good photography will project  your business to the world in a professional light. Creating a wonderful opportunity for your business to grow.

Recently I've been working with the `Cosy Tearoom of Elham' to produce photographs for marketing material - as seen in the images above. The images have been used on menu's, advertising, social media and publications. 

Please contact me to discuss your specific requirements this can with be done via phone, video call or over coffee."  Jo x 

Please contact me if you have any questions or to make a booking!

I look forward to chatting soon. Jo x

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Bibby and Boppy
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I'm Jo - Mummy, Designer and Owner of bibby and boppy.

I want to say hi and let you know I get it. I get you're a busy Mum with kids (and probably a few animals too) because I'm in the same boat right next to you.

I get that you totally adore your children and are wildly proud of everything they do (well... almost everything!)

Buuuut... I also get you're probably just a teensy bit fed up with curled up pieces of 'art' stuck to every available surface in your kitchen. Am I right?

Like me, I'm sure you have really fond memories of your 'single-girl' flat full of beautiful artwork and white sofas. (Just give yourself a minute to go back there in your mind and enjoy it!)

Now wouldn't you love to bring that vibe into your family home but also keep that gorgeous personal touch your children's art adds to the walls?

I know you want to actively encourage them to be creative and artistic and of course secretly (or not so secretly!) show off their talent to your friends.

bibby and boppy can help you combine your children's artistic talent with your desire for a beautiful home. Your happy. They're happy. We're happy.

Please make yourself at home and take a few minutes to have a look around our shop and of course any questions you have please just drop me a note.